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the designer Kim Vanyo was trained in Fashion Design at New Yorkʼs esteemed Fashion Institute of Technology and continued to work in the fashion industry in Manhattan until relocating to Saratoga Springs in 1984. In 1986 Kim began operating Khymanyo Studio, a full service, custom design studio, specializing in special occasion apparel.

Before deciding on a career in apparel design, Kim was an avid student of classical ballet. In the late 1990s Kim began getting requests to design costumes for competitive dancers of all genres (ballroom dance, ballet, modern dance, ice skating). By the year 2000, 50% of Khymanyo Studioʼs work was costuming for various dancers, dance companies, and Skidmore Collegeʼs Dance Department.

Kim has always believed that although slacks can be versatile, a woman looks best in a dress! Dresses and skirts can shape a womanʼs figure to look fabulous, feminine and professional. Wearing a skirt causes the wearer to maneuver with a certain imposed etiquette which is sorely needed in our society today. Imagine decades ago when walking into an office, a store, a school, etc. where working women looked impeccable! Kim has set out to bring back the lady in a fun and creative way. A collection of fun, fabulous and quality skirts to tickle your sensibility.

KIMISM................. what to wear!